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Review of service standards

The review is available to download:

In May 2013 we completed a full review of our stated services standards.  We are pleased to report that we met all our standards and exceeded them in the following areas:

Customer Feedback

100% of the customer feedback you submitted received a response from us well within the  five working days we promised. To reflect the importance of your feedback and the immediacy of some of the issues you raise, we have decided to set ourselves a new target and reduce our response time for all feedback from 5 to 3 days.


Our enquiry service was available as promised throughout our advertised opening hours.  However we were able to exceed this by introducing a new out of hours enquiry service.

As promised 100% of the enquiries referred from the front line to other Library staff received a response or  acknowledgement within one working day.  However we were pleased to find that  96% of these referred enquiries actually received a full response within the stated timescale, with only 4% taking longer to complete.  As a result we have decided to introduce a further element to this standard to ensure that these more complex responses  are provided in full within 3 working days.

Digitisation Requests

We promised to deal with all digitisation requests within 10 working days of receipt.  In practice 90% of  these requests were handled  within just 7 working days.  We have therefore adjusted our standard to reflect a new commitment to deal with all new requests within 7 days.

Other Changes to the Standards

Since our last review the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons has opened.  All our standards have been amended to reflect the addition of this new site to our service portfolio.