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Adopt a Book

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Show your support for the Library, its collections and work, by adopting a book.

Demonstrate your interest in a particular item by selecting from our list of Special Collections items, or choose a subject area from our general collections. Whatever you decide, Adopt a Book is a meaningful way to support the work of the Library, students, researchers and teaching staff.

Every Adopt a Book member receives a certificate, and we create a bookplate with your chosen text for the adopted item. Bookplates are a valuable and affordable way to:

Whatever the reason, your bookplate will be visible for all to see - a great way to share with others your event, special occasion or support for the work of the Library.

Details of the adoption are also added to the Online Register. Of course, you can participate anonymously if you prefer: the choice is yours.

Read on for full details, or contact us if you would like to talk to someone about becoming an Adopt a Book member.